Owner/Investigations Division

Kris Cantil is an owner of Kane. She has been a Private Investigative Agent since 2003, and a licensed investigator since 1997. Originally an accountant, as a private investigator she has specialized primarily in criminal defense, but also maintains an active practice in civil and corporate litigation, asset searches, background investigations, field interviews, and target locates. Throughout her career, Kris has handled all types of investigations in Federal, State and local jurisdictions, and for clients across the country. She has conducted hundreds of witness locates and field interviews on cases ranging from petty crimes to capital homicide.

One of Kris’ cases involved her finding and identifying a forged signature on a contractual document. At the time, the resulting Federal $10 million dollar summary judgment was one of the largest civil awards in history. She has been appointed by the Department of Justice on several matters. She routinely works on high profile investigations including: for the defense in the Salt Lake Olympic bribery scandal; for the officers of a large communications company under an SEC investigation; a national-headline child abduction; and one of the largest internet auction frauds to date. Her more recent cases have resulted in dismissal, acquittal or massive reductions in charges in more than 34 felony cases in the past three years.

Kris is a business partner of Shawn Kane’s, creating and growing an extraordinary, worldwide provider of investigations, security, and confidential consulting for their clients, several of which are Fortune 500 companies.

She is a fierce defender of the Constitution and is passionate about civil and human rights for all people. She is politically active in local, state and federal government, and currently serves on the legislative and professional education committees for the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. She served as a principal officer on the board of the Private Investigator’s Association of Utah from 2003 through 2015, and was the chairman of the education committee in 2008-2011. She is also an active member of the UACDL, and the NCISS.